Friday, February 08, 2008

9 Stone 2

Hooray! Hooray! I fit in all my old jeans. Yes, all of them, though some are a little on the snug side. My belt is on hole 6 instead of hole 2. I have a collar and hip bones!

Still gyming, still running once a week and this weekend, my first pilates class.
I have been reading Dr Atkins and India and Neris so am basically following a low carb (but really horribly high fat) plan. The weight is coming off but my fear is that it is mostly water. There is a two week induction and I am only on day six. Fizzy water only on my girls' night out tonight and 8 more days before I am allowed a piece of grainy toast (sigh). Still, India and Neris have lost 5 stone each eating cheese, so I'm sure another 8 days won't kill me but it's certainly making me tired. And a bit grumpy. Still with just 9lbs to my target weight I no longer feel like a fatty.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

9 Stone 7

Lowest I've been in ages but yes, it's yet another year of hovering around the 10 stone mark. November's good progress was hampered in December by a drawn-out cold that kept me away from the gym and close to the bread bin. That was followed by Christmas at my family's and New Year in a hotel. With that behind us, there are no excuses left.

I am fit and well. Gym once a week and a 20 minute run in the park once a week is the least I can do. Keeping yourself full and happy while taking in the least number of calories is the only way to shift the fat. These things I know are true:

Start the day on the wrong foot and it spirals
Eat a big lunch or afternoon snacking will take over
Refined carbs make you hungry - white bread, popcorn, chocolate, fizzy drinks are banned
Vegetables are filling and the fibre makes your system feel good
It's hard not to lie on my food diary
I cannot live without cheese or the odd glass of chilled white wine
More than one glass of wine leads to snacks and more wine. And sometimes fags.
A hangover leads to fizzy drinks and bacon sandwiches

I am the same height and build as Geri Halliwell. Just two stone heavier :(

Friday, November 16, 2007

9 stone 11

I'm aiming for 9 stone by Christmas which means I need to ditch a steady couple of pounds every week. I am back with the personal trainer and getting regular weigh-ins and lots of nagging which is all helping. I have cut out all sugary things, apart from fruit and am limiting the booze to a glass at weekends. Anyway, it seems to be working. I came back from my all-inclusive holiday at an all-time high of 10 stone 5 and in three weeks, I've lost half a stone which is a decent level of progress. Just need to keep it up and stick to my daily maximum of 1,200,

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

10 stone 1

Back to square one then. I'm going to ban refined carbohydrates - no white bread or sugar. Started yesterday and head's been throbbing ever since.

Boiled egg, wholegrain toast with soft cheese

Sunday, May 20, 2007

9 stone 12

So the calorie counting barely lasted a fortnight. I've been up and down a little but am still below 10 stone. the new tactic is good old-fashioned healthy eating. No refined carbs which includes sugar which means chocolate and fruit, alcohol, lots of protein, veg and whole grains. Been good all week but off on holiday tomorrow....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

9 stone 12 (day 2)

Breakfast 181kcals
1 large boiled egg 77kcals
1 slice Warburtons white bread, toasted 79kcals
I Laughing Cow Light cheese triangle 25kcals

Lunch 450kcals
Small Parma ham sandwich, salad, choc finger

Dinner 360kcals
M&S Count on Us lasagne

TOTAL 991 kcal

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

9 stone 12

At last!
Two weeks in - weight loss so far 5lb

Breakfast 201kcals
1 large boiled egg 77kcals
2 slices grilled bacon 124

Lunch 380kcals
M&S Prawn cocktail salad

Satsuma 35 kcals
1 fat-free yogurt 100 kcals

Dinner 450kcals
Waitrose PB cottage pie 70kcal
50g peas 35kcal
gravy 30 kcal

100ml white wine into spritzer 82 kcals

TOTAL 1248kcal

Monday, March 05, 2007

10 stone 0

Breakfast 181kcals
1 large boiled egg 77kcals
1 slice Warburtons white bread, toasted 79kcals
I Laughing Cow Light cheese triangle 25kcals

Lunch 340kcals
Soup and bread

Dinner 520kcals
Salmon bento box, miso soup, green tea

TOTAL 1041 kcal

Saturday, March 03, 2007

9 stone 13 (day 3)

4lbs in two weeks is not great really, epsecially for the beginning of a new plan.

Breakfast 214 kcal
3 Helen Browning mini chipolatas 137
I poached egg 77

Lunch 000kcals

Dinner 000kcals

TOTAL 214 kcal

Friday, March 02, 2007

9 stone 13 (day 2)

Breakfast 178 kcal
30g bowl of Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

Lunch 183kcals
1/2 horrid sandwich

4pm snack
80g fresh crab 90kcal
1 Ryvita 41 kcal
1 Laughing cow light triangle 25 kcal

Dinner 300kcals
200g cauliflower - 180
50g penne - 50
100g fresh tomato sauce - 30
10g Parmesan - 40
dried chilli flakes and garlic

2 small glasses wine 200 kcals

TOTAL 1017 kcal

Thursday, March 01, 2007

9 stone 13

Ok, this loss may just be dehydration after my wine tasting. Tomorrow will tell!

Breakfast 178 kcal
30g bowl of Kellog's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

Pepperami mini 38kcal

Lunch 435kcals
Super naturals thai beef curry with coconut rice

Dinner 560kcals
Mini fish thali 440kcals
small glass of wine 120

TOTAL 1221 kcal

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

10 stone 0 (for the third time)

Okay, so I never want to be 10 stone anything again after today. From tomorrow I will nine be stone something. Problem is I have social dates for tonight and tomorrow and I don't know how to get through them without indulging. Tomorrow is a girls night out in an Italian Restaurant!

Breakfast 181kcals
1 large boiled egg 77kcals
1 slice Warburtons white bread, toasted 79kcals
I Laughing Cow Light cheese triangle 25kcals

Lunch 360kcals
M&S Count on us Beef lasagne

5pm Snack
1/2 corn on cob 60kcals and fish finger 60kcals

Dinner 700kcals
wine and Welsh Rarebit

TOTAL 1361 kcal

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10 stone 1

I don't want to talk about it!

Breakfast 178 kcal
30g bowl of Kellog's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

11.30am apple 65kcals

Lunch 325kcals
New Covent Garden soup and bread

4.30pm Ryvita Goodness Bar 62kcals

Dinner 380kcals
M&S Count on us Thai Chicken Curry

Bag of Quavers 84kcals

TOTAL 1094 kcal

Monday, February 26, 2007

10 stone 0

Well, it was only to be expected after my lavish weekend away. I'm not taking it too badly as I think the first week of any diet is about the loss of a lot of water as well as fat and 3 lbs in six days is good and sustainable. But I do hope to be back at 9 stone 13 tomorrow and 9 stone 12 by Thursday or Friday. Let's see!

Breakfast 181kcals
1 large boiled egg 77kcals
1 slice Warburtons white bread, toasted 79kcals
I Laughing Cow Light cheese triangle 25kcals

Lunch 500kcals
Vietnemese beef noodles

I had a work conference today and drank wine and ate crisps. I'm very cross with myself. As soon as I see something I like I don't seem able to resist. So, unless I'm locked away with just fruit and ready meals then I'll always be fat. I really have to learn to say no.

Crisps 200kcals

Wine 200kcals

Dinner 400kcals
M&S Counton Us Chicken tikka and rice

TOTAL 1481 calories

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh dear

We went away for the weekend and it all went very wrong. I didn't count. I did eat chips, steak and fruit crumble and drink wine and spirits. I'm not looking forward to stepping on those scales in the morning.

Friday, February 23, 2007

9 stone 13

Well, my calorie counting is definitely working!

Breakfast 194kcals
1 large boiled egg 77kcals
2 slices Warburtons milk bread, toasted 92kcals
I Laughing Cow Light cheese triangle 25kcals

I came across an interesting calorie calculating website today. It's amazing how little the difference in calorie intake is between being slim and overweight, in my case 286 kcals a day. To maintain my current weight I need to eat 1988 kcals a day. To mainatain a weight of 119 kcals (my goal) I need to eat 1702 kcals a day. The idea is that you eat 500kcals less than you need a day then over 7 days you will lose 3500 kcals = 1lb of pure fat. So as long as I never exceed 1488kcals a day, I will continue to lose weight. Should be easy!

M&S Nutritionally Balanced Falafel Flatbread 320kcals
Absolutely delicious!
Square of dark chocolate 28kcals

4.30pm Ryvita Goodness Bar 62kcals

Dinner 400kcals
M&S Count on us Chicken Tikka Marsala

Large glass of white wine 200kcals

TOTAL 1204 kcal

Thursday, February 22, 2007

10 stone 0

Lost another pound today! I'm delighted with my progress (3lbs in two days!) and can't wait to be nine stone something, hopefully in the next few days. I retested my BMI today and at 5ft 3in and 140lb, my level is 24.8 and just back in the healthy range and a whole week ahead of target too.

I am a bit worried as I am meeting my friends for a drink this evening. My husband suggested eating my evening meal before I go out but if they then order food, I know I won't be able to resist 'just a few' chips... And what will I drink? I'll need to do a bit of research on that today.

Breakfast 181kcals
1 large boiled egg 77kcals
1 slice Warburtons white bread, toasted 79kcals
I Laughing Cow Light cheese triangle 25kcals

This breakfast works for me. Did not feel hungry until lunch time.

Lunch 390 kcals
M&S Count on us Chicken casserole with sage & onion dumplings
Bland but filling

This evening cancelled due to friend's illness. That means as I won't be boozing, I can afford a little snack now - good, I am feeling very hungry.

5pm M&S Sushi to snack 140 kcal

100ml white wine made into a spritzer with fizzy water 82kcal

Dinner 284 kcal
Sainsbury's Super Naturals Jerk chicken with sweet potato mash
Excellent calorie count for 400g meal

bag Wotsits 95kcal

TOTAL 1172 kcal

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

10 stone 1

Hooray! Lost 2lbs today. I read that 1lb of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. So my loss must be down to other factors rather than pure fat burn, but you know, I was still very pleased when I stood on the scales this morning.
My problem, I think, is not that I eat giant portions but more that I want to eat all day long. What is that saying 'Little pickers wear big knickers!' That's me.

Today, I'm trying Sainsbury's Ready meals. It's only day two but I am tiring of the food packages. As soon as I am good enough at counting and accurately controlling the calories, I think I'll start cooking real food again.

Breakfast 181kcals
1 large boiled egg 77kcals
1 slice Warburtons white bread, toasted 79kcals
I Laughing Cow Light cheese triangle 25kcals

I’ve noticed this morning that I haven’t felt hungry at all. That has to be because my breakfast was mostly protein rather than carb cereal. I shall have the same tomorrow and see if keeps going so well again.

Sainsbury’s be good to yourself Chilli con Carne and rice 448kcal
Big serving at 400g but consequently has used up more of my day,s allowance. Tasted fairly bland and mostly rice and sauce and not so much ‘carne’. I am full but a bit disatisfied. Am already thinking about baby bels.

2pm Clemetine 35kcals
3pm I00g cantaloupe melon 30kcal
5pm Pepperami mini 38kcal

Sainsbury’s Super naturals Lamb Dhansak 337kcal
Like the new M&S products, this super naturals range is going for health - lots of veg and low in fat and calories so is more interesting and appears less processed than the traditional reduced-calorie ready meal. It has good chunks of veg but at £3.49, it's not cheap!

250ml bottle Waitrose lager 103 kcal

TOTAL 1172 Kcal

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I've just calculated my Body Mass Index and it is 25.3 which means I am overweight. The normal and healthy range is 18.5 - 25BMI. It only takes a few seconds if you click here. I will need to lose 3lbs to get back into the healthy range. I hope I can do this within 9 days from now, so that's 1st March. Let's wait and see...

10 stone 3

10 stone 3 is the heaviest I've been since having a baby nearly three years ago. A few months after the birth with the help of a personal trainer I weighed 9 stone 8. Now I'm heavier and less motivated than ever before. If I stop thinking and enjoying food so much, if I take away the choice and stick to a formulated plan of bland convenience food, will it work? Or will my good intentions slip away within the week with a large glass of wine or a dinner out?

30g bowl Kelloggs crunchy nut cornflakes with 125ml semi skimmed milk 178kcal

10.49am, feeling hungry, going to drink large glass of water and bring lunch forward to midday.

M&S Count on us mushroom and ham pizza 355kcal
It looks nice, but at 245g is not very big. But surprisingly satisfying. It lacked salt and flavour and was generally a bit dry but I don't feel hungry after eating it.

2pm Cup of peppermint tea (0 kcals) and one M&S Count on Us Chocolate Biscuit Stick 15kcal Not very chocolatey but no nasty sweetner aftertaste and really crunchy.

3.30pm Packet of Quavers 84 kcal

5pm Clementine 35 kcal

M&S Count on us butternut squash risotto 400kcals
It looks appetising and healthy! It's topped with big chunks of squash and fresh green leaves. Makes me feel better about casting aside all I know about good food and replacing my home-cooked dinners with ready meals.

100ml white wine made into a spritzer with fizzy water 82kcal
Babybel Light 42 kcal

TOTAL 1191 kcals